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Our Projects

Our Projects

PRANA takes its nonpartisan status seriously

Our commitment to this country and its people, the immigrants to resolve immigration issues in America, proudly makes us nonpartisan. Our understanding of civil rights and civil liberties are inherent to our lives. Our Affiliations from all political stripes and parties allow us to judge Politicians on their track, records on civil liberties and civil rights, stance on immigration, the progress of the country, etc.

We highlight issues that the Americans, the immigrants, care about. We believe in our advocacy, for we trust that it changes hearts and minds on issues that will help us attain our long-term goals. Our mission is simple: to REPAIR Lives

Research – immigration laws and regulations negatively impacting immigrants as well as social standards that encourage stigma and xenophobia.

Educating – communities and society on true and authentic American History and immigration impact on the United States, etc.

Policy Analysis – Analyze current Immigration law, policies, and regulations and identify unconstitutional, inhumane, or disadvantageous ones towards Immigrants.

Advocacy – for parity and fair and equal treatment of immigrants to prevent stereotypes

Instill and foster solidarity, unity, equality, justice in the communities for we are all created equal, humans,
with the hopes of impacting Immigrant lives and their social status

Reform Immigrations laws and regulations help create solutions that address the problems immigrants face in America.

The Following Programs/Projects are the immediate focus of PRANA
Each project is designed to voice immigration issues in US in one way or the other.

We, the People
“We, the people” is a well-researched program designed to educate the people on their role in the democratic process, namely their right to vote primarily for these coming elections. We, the People, give power to the idea of unity and aims to unite everyone together as a nation. PRANA helps the people understand how and why now, more than ever, their ballot is detrimental for the survival of the USA, i.e., restoring the American dream. PRANA does not tell people to vote for particular candidates. PRANA’s job is merely to educate voters on what is at stake.

Who is who?
The program “Who is who?” is expertly researched and structured to explain to the American people their authentic history, the actors of that history, the genealogy, and who is who today. This program is capable of restoring the truth about the United States of America, its people, and the American Dream. From the native Indians of our land to the immigrants who stepped in, contributing to make this nation what it is today. Tracing our roots and seeing ourselves for who we are is the main objective behind this program.

Support the Dreamers
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a United States immigration policy that enables some individuals with an unlawful undocumented presence in the United States for protection from deportation and work permits. However, DACA is at risk, with around 800,000 dreamers being threatened to lose their life. Prana brings forth their experience, research, and knowledge in service in the form of our program “Support the Dreamers” to advocate and appeal to the humanity of our political leaders in charge.