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Internship for Law Students

Prana looks forwards to hire legal interns to work alongside the current staff on advocacy, research, litigation initiatives, and much more. The activities for our Law School interns may include legal and policy analysis, administrative and legislative advocacy, legislative drafting at state, federal, and local level public education and scholarship, and litigation in trial and appellate courts. Law students are often able to earn credit for their work, may be able to develop law review pieces and other papers on subjects growing out of the center’s activities, and are encouraged to apply for post-graduate fellowships at Prana for in-depth exposure into these real-life matters of American Immigrants.

Internships for Undergraduate Students

We train, educate, and prepare undergraduates to learn how to co-exist and to stand up for each other’s rights. We welcome interns that understand our causes, share a passion for our issues, and have acquired excellent written and verbal communication skills. The ideal candidate for this program has got to be independent, detail-oriented, and highly organized. Database experience would be extremely helpful as they would be required to work with Microsoft Office (MS Excel, MS Word, etc.). Additionally, interns must be open to evolving responsibilities, for the sake of their career and Prana’s development.

Social Media and Digital Communication Coordinator

We are looking for volunteers in digital communication fields, who are as passionate about our cause. Primary duties include experience in creating press releases and newsletters, social media accounts management, increasing engagement on our social media platforms, 1-2 blog entry contributions per week, availability for telephone and occasional meetings, and assistance in official website maintenance. If you think you’re able to perform these duties, hold the necessary qualifications for digital communication coordination, and share our vision, then feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to welcome all candidates who’re interested in serving their nation.