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Our mission at PRANA is to work in partnership with to create a more informed public; by forming a deeper understanding of immigrants, their value and contributions to our society, thereby building a more inclusive and tolerant country.

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About the Permanent Residents and
Naturalized Americans Consortium.

PRANA is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization that advocates for the fair and civil treatment of immigrants all over the United States. We promote awareness surrounding social, racial, and economic issues which immigrants face every day. We also work to fight against unjust immigration laws in the United States while aiming to educate communities on cultural differences. Through this education we hope to reduce the stigma and stereotypes associated with immigration which lead to discrimination and xenophobia.

Most people in the United States don’t know that most Americans are unable to trace their genealogy back five (5) generations without discovering a family member who has immigrated to the United States. Our mission is to explore this story and educate the American people about their history as well as the unjust laws and stigmas surrounding immigrants in America today.

‘Prana’ is Sanskrit for
“primordial breath”.

Immigrants are the breath of the United States and have helped build what the country is today. We believe that immigrants are the backbone of this country and hope to educate Americans about the hardships immigrants face as well as their history in the development of the United States.


Our Mission, is to restore the American dream

which immigrants helped build.


Our Manifesto

We believe in the true American Dream: That everybody should be able to come to our shores and build a better life for themselves.

Unfortunately, we also know that many current state and federal laws are not only unhelpful to immigrants trying to settle in the United States—they actively hinder successful, legal immigration. We believe this is wrong. And that is why we fight every day to establish more resources—legal and otherwise—to help immigrants achieve equitable rights.

Help us fight on behalf of the past, present, and future immigrants who make this country great.\

PRANA – This Country Was Founded by Immigrants.

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