For far too long, immigrants have been represented unjustly by the media, society and public figures. Crime, poverty, and education rates are shown disproportionately, leading to additional barriers to success and increased prejudice against immigrants. The PRANA Consortium stands firmly for stopping the government, media’s misrepresentation and undermining of immigrants. The xenophobic remarks recently made by politicians about the state of African nations for instance are absolutely repugnant. Not only do they feed a racist narrative of our immigrant communities, but they also deny people the chance to help build and contribute to our society.

As Advocates of the Restoration of the core American values and the American Dream, we demand that our leadership must regard its citizens as individuals equally created, fellows living humans, with their own dreams and aspirations, not as crude caricatures of a racial stereotype. Immigrants are a crucial part of the United States and its achievements. One study found 55% of engineering students pursuing PhD degrees were from other countries as well, contributing to our society in spite of the negative pressure stemming from media, society and politicians. This negative treatment is felt throughout the lives of immigrants, affecting quality of life from as early as childhood.

We must avoid consuming biased, xenophobic and racist comments and information. By embracing the richness of others’ cultural, we can expand our own views dissolve the barriers created by racism and prejudice. We must not forget that members of our immigrant communities are like any other people living in the United States, in fact, WE ALL ARE IMMIGRANTS OR FROM IMMIGRANTS DESCENTS. In reality, no individual in the United States can trace their heritage back more than five (5) generations without encountering a relative who emigrated from another country. They are business owners, grandparents, engineers, teachers, and children with dreams for their futures.

The United States was built by all kind of contributions of immigrants. We cannot allow our society and representatives to further a narrative that paints entire groups as “thugs” and “ingrates” in spite of their own individual experiences. These prejudices must be broken down by educating our officials and the public about the truth of the immigrant and their experience. The diversity of ideas and views created by those who have immigrated to the USA will continue to enrich our opportunities and experiences, but only if we create an environment that will not stifle our own progress. Currently, immigrants are 30% more likely than individuals born in the US to open a business with 18% already established as small business owners. This creates jobs that fuel our economy and fund public systems like education and health care for our children.

Contrary to the racist narratives furthered by our representatives, this nation would not be the same without the contributions made by immigrants. Additionally, electing representatives who truly embrace an honest consideration of immigrant and immigration, will help in dissolving the racist and xenophobic beliefs held by our current politicians while crafting public policy in a way that allows these communities to flourish.

We ask that you stand with PRANA Consortium in positively influencing the media’s representation of African communities. Together, we can break down the negative of immigration and restore the American Dream and truly and effectively MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Juve Lima
Board Chair & President