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Defending Immigrants in the Courthouse

We stand as vigilant advocates against all discriminatory immigration laws and strive to hold the US government accountable for injustice against immigrants.

Empowering Immigrants with Policy

We join forces with expert lawmakers ensuring implementation of thoroughly affirmative policies on behalf of immigrants.

Destroying Stigma in Communities

We enlighten and educate individuals about the contributions and sacrifices made by immigrants for this country, eradicating xenophobia and promoting harmony and social tolerance.

Who we are

Only 1% of US Citizens
are Native American.

The rest of the 99% of our population are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants and yet, many official authorities today are determined to deny current immigrants the equal opportunities.


About Prana

About the Permanent Residents
and Naturalized Americans Consortium.

PRANA is a non-profit social welfare organization that has been advocating for the fair and civil treatment of immigrants all over the United States for over four years now. Prana works to stand and fight against unjust immigration laws in the United States and aim to educate communities on cultural differences and promote tolerance between the people of various social, racial, and economic backgrounds. Through our education services, we have been successfully reducing stigma and stereotypes associated with immigration which leads to harmful and unwanted discrimination and xenophobia.

Most people in the United States aren’t aware of the fact that most Americans aren’t able to trace their genealogy back five (5) generations without discovering a family member who has immigrated to the United States. Prana takes it as its mission to authentically and thoroughly explore this story and educate the Americans about their history, which shall play a significant role in eradicating the unjust laws and stigmas surrounding immigrants in America today.

‘Prana’ is Sanskrit for

“primordial breath”.

We conceptualize immigrants as the primordial breath of the United States as they have helped build what our country is today. With years of thorough, careful, and attentive research over our history, we at Prana have come to believe the reality which is proof that immigrants are the backbone of this country, and we hope to educate Americans about the hardships that immigrants now face against what they helped develop.

Our Mission

Our top priority and mission are stern on restoring the American dream, which the immigrants helped build.


Help us fight on behalf of the past, present, and future immigrants in the US who make this country great.